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“Before I came to Your Access Acupuncture, I was experiencing many difficulties with unbalanced hormones and stress. I was feeling so discouraged about making any progress after many years of western medicine failing to help me. I feel excited and impressed by the improvements I have made working with Mary. Not only did I find relief from my symptoms, but she gave me a deeper understanding of why I was experiencing this in the first place. Mary is an exceptional healer, a humble teacher, and an irresistibly fun person to be around! I can’t recommend her enough.”


“Thank you for helping me regulate my cycles and have pain free periods again!! You are wonderful and explained the process so I knew exactly what to expect.”

– Tracie

Sinuses are clear – thank you! Did you notice we didn’t have to work on my foot? It’s so much better!

– Beth

I came to Mary seeking desperate help to stave off my Gastroenterologist’s plea for me to go back on IV Remicade (expensive biologic drug) to control my flare-up which I had been trying every alternative remedy I could find. Mary worked with my best intentions and her skill set and gentle suggestions to bring about a dramatic and quick return to good health. After a few treatments, I felt much better and now a couple more weeks later, I feel totally revived and confident working with Mary to maintain a healthy, drug free lifestyle.

– Alan

There’s no one I trust with my health more than Mary — she doesn’t just treat symptoms, she’s a powerful advocate for your overall health and wellness.

I love that I can go to her for quick results with the relatively smaller stuff, like back pain and stress, as well as big picture, ongoing care for bigger picture things, like taking a proactive, empowered approach to my health.

Plus, it’s so reassuring to know that whatever I’ve got going on physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, she’s got the tools and training to handle it. On any given day I might get acupuncture, qigong, aromatherapy, an empathetic ear and some common sense, or some combination of all of the above!

I highly recommend her pragmatic, lighthearted, and effective care.

– Rachel

I wanted to let you know that the day after treatment, my wrist pain went down by more than half and today it hardly bothers me at all.

 – Ray

“I initially consulted Mary for help with my severe allergy symptoms~swollen eyes, headaches, fatigue.  I was tired of being on medication and thought I’d give acupuncture a try.  Flash forward:  I am allergy free and have more energy than ever.  Headaches and swollen eyes are gone. Her guidance in nutrition completes the treatment and I really feel like I am getting a “whole person” approach.

In addition to the acupuncture, Mary has recently added an energy/meditation component to her skillset and work.She starts each session using these techniques, and I emerge from them relaxed, energized and feeling centered and peaceful. Best of all, these feelings continue long after the session ends.   I can’t say enough good things about Mary and her practice.  If I were giving a conventional rating, the five stars would be shining clear and bright.”

– Amy

“As someone who suffers from a chronic pain disorder, each time I see Mary, the pain I am experiencing might be very different from the previous visit. Most recently, I had an appointment with Mary after a traumatic emotional experience. No matter what the source of my pain, Mary’s gentleness and non-judgmental presence has brought me peace. I find that I almost immediately relax on the table, and more often than not, find myself asleep or near sleep during the treatment process. I leave each session feeling relaxed, hopeful, and at peace.

More importantly, Mary is teaching me to listen to my body and what it has to tell me. She is helping me to know that my body is mine, and not to be compared to someone else’s body or ability. She has taught me the power of the messages I send myself, and to phrase those messages in a positive manner. She is helping me to incorporate Chinese medicine practices into my daily life and is patient when I am slow to learn.

I highly recommend Mary for those looking to take control of their health by using the body’s own healing power.”

– Nancy

“My wife and I went to Mary for different reasons. My wife went first for help with her sleep. She found help there with new techniques for managing stress and being present. She had such a positive experience with Mary that I became interested to gain help with my back pain and general well being. After 10 sessions I wish insurance paid for many more. Has Mary helped me realize the vital role of yoga in my back health? Sure. That is nothing to discovering the feelings of peace after an hour on her table. I didn’t even know I could feel that present and centered and other words that don’t actually convey what it means to walk out of her office at the end of a session. Thank you Mary, I look forward to our next session.”

– Chris

“Mary helped me get rid of the neck pain! I appreciated the homework she gave to me do and love using the essential oil she suggested!”

– Kyla

“Gentle, caring and funny to boot! Love this place! Thank you, Mary.”

– Eric

“Mary is a skilled, dedicated and energetic practitioner. She’s focused like a laser on getting the best possible results for her clients. I guarantee you’ll feel better just seeing her walk in the room as you’ll get an instant sense of her confidence and optimism! Call!”

– Susan

Mary has a wonderfully calming way about her and is a natural healer. I’ve been to other acupuncturists but have been seeing Mary since 2013. Previously, acupuncture sometimes helped me but often didn’t. With Mary every treatment brings about some positive change, often a large one. I go as regularly as I can to treat symptoms of perimenopause and stress. At one point I had a bout of nearly debilitating anxiety – so bad that I started talking to my regular doctor about medication.

After only 2 treatments this went away and never returned. Mary is not stingy with her needle treatments. She asks a lot of questions to fine tune her initial approach in each needle session, often resulting in multiple treatments per session. I feel that Mary has a talent for healing that can’t be taught. I’m very glad that she chose to become an acupuncturist, and I highly recommend a visit to Your Access Acupuncture.”

– Melissa

“Sent a close friend who was in pain to Mary.  He had been having a lot of upper shoulder tension and tension headaches.  She did a great job at helping him get out of his immediate pain and teaching him some tools to manage the stress that created the situation that brought him there.  Excellent experience.”

– S. M.

“Went to see Mary for chronic back pain. She did a thorough assessment. Within a few treatments there was a noticeable difference in the pain. Mary gets to know you and is able to identify what’s needed at each session. In addition she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to additional resources. She’s a gifted healer who understands your needs. I highly recommend her for acupuncture.”

– Lori

“Mary is a holistic acupuncturist, and her treatments encompass not just needles but the totality of life. Each session, she treats you as you are that day. While I almost always found relief from arthritic pain, the placement of the needles and the other modalities she used varied. Mary listens, and she treats the whole person you present. Mary truly helps bring my body and life into balance, and her gentle messages and suggestions help me to maintain the balance between sessions. I have seen other acupuncturists, and Mary is simply top notch.”

– Nancy

“I was skeptical of acupuncture at first, especially since the first acupuncturist I tried wasn’t very good. However, Mary truly knows what she is doing. She helps you identify what’s bothering you, and is able to help you release those feelings, whether physical or emotional. After each session I feel relaxed and clear headed. She is a great listener and really makes you feel like you are doing “good work” on yourself. My sessions with her give me confidence and the piece of mind I need to get me through each day. I feel like I’m more in-tune with my body now that I use acupuncture.”

– Heather

“Wow & thanks!  I have been to a handful of acupuncturists because I am lucky to have insurance.  However, no office has ever taken the time to really understand what my health needs are week to week.  Questions get answered. Most important, I never thought acupuncture could help with my mood. It helps me relax and want to keep going!”

– Miguel

“Mary’s a super healer!  She’s a great listener, very kind, and very willing to go the extra mile to help. The best part about acupuncture with her is that she has a very holistic approach. She really educates you on how Chinese medicine and an Eastern outlook can give you tools to improve your life.”

– Sam

“I saw Mary after a car accident; my pain immediately improved.  I’ve had amazing results in other areas of my life, as I’ve continued my journey of healing.  I’ve tried many different healing modalities over the years, and acupuncture, with Mary, has been the most effective and transformative.  Her gifts as a healer have greatly helped me find peace and a life that is without fear.”

– Monica

“I cannot say enough good things about Mary Morrison. She is a life saver. In May of last year, I was experiencing debilitating menstrual cycles.  Multiple doctors visits concluded that I had an ovarian cyst that could not be operated on. The “best” advice I received was to enter medical menopause — which would just be swapping out symptoms and pain. In desperation, I decided to try Mary, although I was a bit skeptical of acupuncture.  In a matter of four sessions, my pain went from 8-10 during menstruation, to 2-3. I haven’t had the pain return either! I continue to follow up with her, because she is fantastic. She is calming and patient with you, and the whole experience feels like an indulgent massage. She is the best — get an appointment NOW! :)”

– Jaime

“Mary is a gifted healer. She is very intuitive and often sees what I need when I cannot. I came seeking help with stress and sleep, and ended up with so much more. Not only am I sleeping better and less stressed, but I have also dealt with some underlying emotional issues thanks to Mary’s coaching and healing.  I feel so much more centered and grounded thanks to my treatments.”

– Christina

“Mary not only attacks your ailments at the root cause through acupuncture, she’s also a phenomenal listener! I can’t wait for my acupuncture sessions with Mary. I am challenged by Mary to be ‘myself’ with her and the rest of the world. To express myself and to be a healer for myself and others. There’s a reason why this medicine is 3000 years old and still a widely used method to treat ailments! You won’t know what you’re missing out on until you give it a try!”

– Anwar

“I was a little apprehensive the first time I came here.  Not because I do not believe in alternative healing (I certainly do!), but because I was afraid of being stuck with hundreds of needles.  Well, my apprehension disappeared after the first few minutes.

Mary is wonderful. The needles activate your body’s healing ability and help to purge you of the extraneous things that make you feel unlike yourself.  Mary is very forthcoming about when she is about to put a needle in, so there are no surprises. There is very little pain when the needle goes in and any discomfort disappears immediately.

The best part of the experience is how relaxed and present I feel after the session.  I feel like my natural self, not the stress and anxiety-laden person I become during a hectic week. Mary recommends doing 8 sessions to start with the option of returning for more sessions when something arises. I can’t imagine not doing acupuncture on a regular basis though.

By the way, I’ve not had a recurrence of the hip discomfort that initially got me into acupuncture. Mary is amazing and I highly recommend her.”

– Sterling

“I have been seeing Mary for almost year and have benefited greatly from her treatments. The most amazing aspect of her practice is that she LISTENS then formulates a treatment plan. It is not about a sore this or that but rather a whole body approach that elevates her practice! If you want to leave in wellness, then see Mary!”

– Rick

“One year ago I was so very desperate. I had spent five months horribly sick and had reached a point of being unable to get out of bed many days. I had seen multiple doctors and undergone myriad tests. I still had no answer. I was distraught, miserable and tired.

I came to Mary hoping for some relief from my symptoms but completely lacking hope that I was ever going to get truly well. I was wrong. Mary works like a field guide to the self. She leads you to discover your own power to heal. Combining a wealth of knowledge about the body with the lineage of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Mary is able to help her clients change from the inside out. She not only works with needles, she works with language and perspective and connects the work the client is doing with the needles she uses on a particular day. She is a tender, gracious listener who leads you away from judgement and hopelessness back to a place of strength, healing and joy. She works with your body as a whole.

Within a few weeks, my body was shifting. She helped me see that I am fully capable of getting my mind and body to a place of optimum functioning. And as I began to see my own power in healing, she walked me through big changes that were necessary and now, big changes I never thought I could have made. I am strong, healthy and confident in my body’s ability to thrive”

– Heather

“If you are looking for results, I highly recommend Mary. I initially went to Mary for stress reduction & treatment of insomnia. Within 2 treatments, I was sleeping like a baby and my blood pressure was much improved. I now go to Mary for general wellness and I’ve never felt better.”

– Beth

“Mary, What a wonderful person. Getting acupuncture through “Your Access Acupuncture” is not just acupuncture, its acupuncture with MARY”. I myself was not essentially afraid of needles but more cautious because I was not sure it would work. Boy was I wrong. I suffered a bad ACL tear and I barely feel anymore pain. I went from an everyday pain that inhibited me from one of my physical passions which is to bike, no after seeing Mary a few times I am back on the road again biking.”

– Irma

“Mary Morrison is a gifted healer.  I found her grounded, extremely knowledgeable, incredibly friendly and absolutely realistic.  Within 4-5 treatments my problem was gone, just gone, WOW! She is not a magician though, she is a dedicated health professional who cares incredibly deeply about the well-being of her clients.  I would recommend her most highly. There is no better acupuncturist . . . anywhere!”

– Scott

“I cannot say enough good things about Mary!  She embodies peace and clarity for me. The past year has been a tough one for me and Mary “needled” me through my own personal, physical and emotional healing and has helped me to be a stand for healing in my own family.  Acupuncture is a critical part of my health and well-being regimen and Mary’s knowledge and caring make her an excellent practitioner.”

– Karen

“My daughter (almost 12) and I have been going to Mary for a little over a year.  We went initially for my daughter’s asthma and sugar issues. Her asthma has been so much better this spring, the difference is truly amazing, and her craving for sweets has really subsided.  We keep going back to Mary because the other benefits are so tremendous.

Mary has helped my daughter with all sorts of pre-adolescent issues and is super supportive in helping her navigate the first year of middle school.  Mary is a great listener, healer and life coach, along with the obvious sorts of benefits from acupuncture (pain management, stress relief, etc.). This was our first experience with acupuncture, and I feel really lucky that we ‘found’ each other.”

– Karen

“I originally went to Mary Morrison for a severe back injury. After 6 months of physical therapy & no results I tried acupuncture for the first time. I cannot say enough good things about Mary. Part therapist/part healer-she is amazing. Fixing my back was just the beginning. She focuses on mind, body, soul-the whole package.

I have not stopped going to her. Recently fractured my elbow. Went to see Mary. Fixed. She is compassionate, empathetic, truly listens, and is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. I have recommended her to so many people. On a practical note, her office is convenient, professional, my insurance covers it, and she is easy in terms of getting an appointment.

Just for basic wellness alone, I will continue to seek Mary’s treatment. I could go on and on but you get the drift. She is truly the best and I’m sooooo grateful she is in my life!”

– Vincent

I love going to acupuncture! I went from having knee pain of an 8 out of 10 level of pain- and went to a zero. I feel GREAT! She is really a miracle worker!  This really works!”

– Taj

“Before Mary began treating me I was struggling through a period of ambiguity and change. Physical fatigue and emotional depletion made me feel anxious and clouded my view of how things could be different. Mary Morrison’s approach is strikingly different from anything that I have experienced in healthcare. She listens so intently, noticing words and gestures with a presence that is caring, patient and generous. She asks questions that help me pick up on what my body’s symptoms are communicating to me about myself.

Mary is both a teacher and a healer. After a couple of sessions I’ve learned more about how to listen and hear my body when it expresses itself through ailments. I feel very positive about the way that this has shifted the relationship that I have with myself how it has improved my ability to take care of myself.

If you are searching for treatment for pain (physical or emotional)–even if you don’t know where to start, begin by seeing Mary.”

– Julian