It’s Good Information

It’s Good Information

“You could take anti-depressants. Or, you could just be with your sadness.” These wise words were offered by a therapist. A friend had been feeling really low and wanted perspective. “Oh, yeah,” she then thought. What struck me about this was that the therapist didn’t jump to medicating her feelings.
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The Counterintuitive Thing You Need To Do NOW For A Healthier Spring

The Counterintuitive Thing You Need to Do NOW for a Healthier Spring

If you ask people what they’re doing to get ready for spring, the answers are all pretty much along these lines: working out to get back in shape after the holidays, eating healthier (which to most people means salads), and of course, adding in good habit after good habit so that this year is the year they finally achieve those longstanding goals. Just one problem: this is going to get you the opposite of what you want. You see, there…

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Why This Is The WORST Time Of Year To Do A Cleanse

Why This is the WORST Time of Year to Do a Cleanse

We’ve all seen the ads: things like “30-Day New Year Detox!” or “Start the year off right with a new year, new you Cleanse!” It’s the time of year when this sort of stuff starts coming out of the woodwork, and at first glance, you might think that it makes sense. After all, many of us eat more than usual over the holidays, and there’s all the pressure around the new year to set different expectations for your life and…

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What To Eat To Support Your Body This Winter

What to Eat to Support Your Body This Winter

There’s something about winter that makes you just crave warm, hearty foods. It’s the season of soups and stews, potatoes and squash, roasts, and of course, deliciously spiced hot chocolates and teas. While this makes a lot of sense intuitively — after all, when it’s cold you want to be warm — it turns out that there’s more to this than you might think. Our bodies are designed to change with the seasons. Physically, your energy levels get lower and…

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My Best-Kept Secret For Balancing Your Energy Levels In Times Of Stress

My Best-Kept Secret for Balancing Your Energy Levels In Times of Stress

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had two types of clients over and over again: people who have gotten so wound up by the holiday that they’re finding it hard to come back down, and people who are so worn down they’re having a hard time wanting to do anything but rest. The problem is actually the same: it’s an issue of energy flow. In the case of the people who are running around like headless chickens, they’re leaning…

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Feeling A Little Drained? It’s Not You, It’s Your Kidneys.

Feeling a Little Drained? It’s Not You, It’s Your Kidneys.

We’re coming into the time of year when it seems like everybody you know has got some kind of cold, people are starting to be visibly worn down, and we’re all looking longingly towards some sort of break over Christmas. If you’re nodding emphatically and feeling the end of year strain yourself, you should know two things: you’re definitely not alone, and there’s more you can do about it than you think. Show of hands: who here is recently noticing…

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It’s Time To Let Things Fall Away

It’s Time to Let Things Fall Away

There’s been something in the air the past week or two. As many areas turn to fall — including my neighborhood, which seemed to go from summer to late fall overnight! — it seems like many people are getting the feeling that it’s time to make some changes, draw some boundaries, and generally get their house in order before we all bunker down for winter. Are you feeling it too? It’s all about the seasons. Both the literal changes in…

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It’s Easy To Forget The Power Of You.

It’s easy to forget the power of you.

Here's a story to illustrate: I know how to get to my friend’s house. It’s pretty-well etched into my brain. Over eight years, the trek has pretty much been the same. But, as I do with most well-traveled roads for my car trips, I activate my electronic consultant known as Waze or its sister, Google maps. Technology is a wonderful thing — having eyes on what I cannot. But what I didn’t realize is that I clicked another address the…

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Who’s Afraid Of The Flu?

Who’s afraid of the Flu?

The most common question I get asked this time of year is, “Should I get a flu shot?” My answer: It depends. 'Depends' sounds like a cop-out, I get it — but hear me out. I believe “should I get a flu shot?” is an opportunity to assess your health. If we dig a little deeper, the question could be “How am I doing in areas of stress, eating well, exercise?” Disclaimer: Super young or aged immune systems or immune-compromised…

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Seasons Change, So Should What You’re Eating.

Seasons change, so should what you’re eating.

Here’s the thing. Food is your friend. It’s sustenance, nourishment, and enhances human connections. Food has a particular way it interacts with all bodies. It’s incomplete when you solely focus on micro-nutrient information. Much of the the modern conversation of eating or dieting is based on numbers. We’ve lost all sense (I mean that literally, too) of what to eat. My advice, or general rule, during this Fall season (or any season) is to eat  80% of foods current with…

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Preparing For Another Transition: Autumn

Preparing for another transition: Autumn

As the outer landscape is in transition, so is our inner one. Here are four things you can do to prepare for Autumn: 1.     Let go. The Lung and the Large Intestine organ systems represent this action very well. Both organs, which are paired organs this time of year, have a physical action of letting go so you stay alive and healthy. Constipation is not your friend. Asthma can limit your engagement in life. Got any emotions or memories that…

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