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I Need You. The World Needs You to Hold Steady.

Uncertainty. Unknowing. Restore. Mystery. Courage. Wisdom. Stillness. Deep Listening. Rest. These are some of the virtues of winter according to Chinese Medicine. Practicing them is an art. It seems that since the last time I wrote publically, everything has changed. Rather, I think there’s an illumination— it was before the election, before my mentor and teacher transitioned from physical form, and before the dissolution of the relationship

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The Bee Teacher. Small package, big reminder

There I was, sitting in the neighborhood park where gleefully screaming kids typically assault the jungle gym. But it was mid-week, early in the afternoon and a school day, so the park was unusually and blessedly silent. I needed quiet. Nagging thoughts about the next chapters of my life had me weary. I picked a weathered bench on the edge of the playground, surrounded by my favorite towering friends, a stand of white pines. An urban neighborhood

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