Navigating Upset (NU) class
Live an Empowered Life:  An Introductory Wellness-Skills Class
Here’s how to create truly ease-filled life by joining me for a conversation around Upset is Optional. This class is designed to have you get the real-time impact of when you generate upset in your body and how it affects your overall health and well-being… More >>

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First Thursdays &
Second Saturdays

Tea and treats provided.

Advanced Wellness-Skills Series - coming soon!

Advanced Wellness-Skills Series - coming soon!

Living an Empowered Life: Advanced  Wellness-Skills 5-Week Course *

Topics include:
Your Five Symptoms, Deep Breathing, Acknowledgement, Listening, and Making Effective Requests are advanced conversations that build on the Navigating Upset class.

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*Prerequisite: the Navigating Upset class.

Schedule coming soon!

Takoma Park, metro and F1 bus accessible, and plenty of free parking… More »



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